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Issues We Face in Acadia Parish

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Economic Development

Helping Acadia Thrive

Large industries surround us: we have a port system that gives us access to the Mermentau River, Atchafalaya River, Intracoastal Waterway, and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a multitude of natural resources such as oil, gas, lakes, and rich fertile earth to cultivate vari us agriculture crops. Yet we need help to bring all the cumulative parts together to move us forward regionally. As your state representative, Doug will work to rectify this issue. Doug believes that the number one priority for economic growth in this state is the construction of two new bridges, one over the Calcasieu River and one over the Mississippi River, and the expansion of the connecting roads that go to them.


Doug will work with other elected officials and stakeholders to obtain funding to begin construction. It will be no small task, but our area cannot afford to put this off any longer. The new bridges will attract other industries, create new jobs, assist in growing our tax base organically, and end the billions of dollars in losses our local companies lose each year while their employees sit in bumper-to-bumper gridlock.

<< Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Bio Active Infusion and Wellness in Rayne, LA.


Growing Acadia

Doug will work to address District 42's outdated infrastructure while taking a common-sense approach to how he tackles them. Fixing and improving our roads, bridges, inter et access, drainage, and more

will enhance the quality of life for all Louisianans.


Doug has a long history of coalition building by bringing people together from many different backgrounds and walks of life to complete a common objective. This investment will improve roads, bridges, ports, and water and sewer systems across District 42, swell as the state.



Acadia's Future

Doug believes education is the foundation for a successful life. For our children to get ahead, we must start early and allocate the necessary resources to ensure academic success in their future. Learning begins at birth, and so should our efforts in educating our children. Our state government needs to start investing in Pre-K development better to prepare our children for the 21st-century learning environment. As your state representative, Doug will work t guarantee that quality education investments begin at birth, and he will assist local efforts to provide r children the opportunity to realize their potential and dreams from the earliest age possible.


Having attended and graduated from public schools, Doug believes public education is essential to building our future. He understands the importance of educational access for every child, regardless of their

financial situation or location. Doug will continue fighting to ensure every child has access to quality school and education opportunities.


Doug will also work to ensure that our high schools offer not only college-bound courses but strong technical skill classes for students who will not attend college after finishing high school.


He will work to ensure fully-funded universities keep our best and brightest students in Louisiana and bring stakeholders together to maximize the opportunities for all in this state.

Health Care

Keeping Acadia Strong

Doug will work with the Department of Health and Hospitals to add re s public health issues for all people in Louisiana. He will support collaborations between local, state, and national communities to

develop and implement policies supporting healthcare.


Half of Louisianans were covered by private healthcare insurance, with 45% being covered by employer-sponsored insurance and the other 5% being covered by individual insurance.


Doug plans to work closely with healthcare providers to provide affordable insurance to all Louisianans.

Doug was invited to speak at the 
Louisiana Nurse Practitioner’s Forum >>

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